Super Stacker 2 Game

Physics games are amongst some of the most challenging flash games available on the internet. Sure, sports games test your dexterity and ability to emulate the rules and techniques of that particular sport, and platform games require some good control of your character, but games from the physics game genre require all of your attention, careful consideration of your actions, and a fair bit of logic thrown in with that as well.

Balance games are a fine example of titles that require excellent planning and careful execution in order to be successful within them, and Super Stacker 2 is no exception to this. Far from a serious and painfully difficult balance game, though, Super Stacker 2 is a little more light-hearted than its competitors and takes you through a range of difficulties, ensuring that both experience and novice players can get involved and enjoy the experience just as much as each other. So what does the game have to offer?

Firstly, the game’s format is pretty standard in terms of balance games. You simply have to play through a set of levels in different classes of difficulty. Much like in the original, the aim is to balance the objects on top of each other in the order provided in order to produce a final, free-standing structure that must remain upright for a minimum amount of time. Once you have used all of the shapes and your structure remains intact at the end of the post-construction countdown, you are deemed successful and will pass on to the next level.

The game’s difficulty increases as you progress through it, with four levels of difficulty comprised of easy, medium, tricky, and hard categories, each with ten different stacks to challenge your skills of steadiness and spatial judgement with shapes that become more numerous and more unusual as you go along. The first few levels of the easy difficulty require simply getting used to the game by stacking a few rectangles or simple shapes, but the further you make it into the game, the more difficult things become and the more thought that must go into carefully placing each shape as not to knock them off.

Even though Super Stacker 2 has a quantity of puzzles that are far superior to that of the original and indeed other balancing games that can be found at like Lofty Stacker, the game is still fairly straightforward and bordering on the simple. The graphics are fairly standard though some attempt at style has been made, with each shape having a face of its own that changes its expression depending on how well it is balanced. This game will certainly keep players occupied for longer than the original, which consisted of only 12 levels on total. Super Stacker 2 is therefore a vast improvement on the original, though it still looks largely the same and the physics/shapes haven’t really been improved all that much.