Incursion 2 The Artifact

Incursion 2 is a fantasy-based game of tower defense from booblyc games with a distinctive animated style and an entertaining set of features that make it more than just your average tower defense title. It bears a striking similarity to Kingdom Rush, a game this it is likely to take much of its inspiration from, but delivers a somewhat different experience with a slightly different and more detailed focus on the individual battles that take place on the battlefield.

The gameplay involves stopping several waves of enemies from crossing the designated path by deploying troops at carefully-planned locations on the perimeter of the path. There are situated a number of barracks littered on this perimeter in which you are able to train 3 types of troops: archers, soldiers, and sorcerers. Archers are effective at moderate rage, soldiers slow the enemy down with melee attacks and sorcerers possess all kinds of magic that takes care of the enemies that archers may have trouble with. You also have a main hero character that is always deployed and who also has the ability to cast spells, but these are much more powerful than those cast by the regular sorcerers.

You are able to upgrade your towers as you can in most tower defense games, increasing the effectiveness of your basic 3 types of troops by improving accuracy, rate of fire, defensive capability, and also reducing the cost of upgrades to them in the long run. These upgrades are purchased with upgrade points after each round and can be distributed however you please. You are also able to upgrade your main hero's 4 types of spells ranging attacking and defensive magic to dark spells. The strategy in the game therefore doesn't simply rely on the placement of your towers, but also the way in which you upgrade them.

The game gives you lots more control over the positioning of your troops than the original Incursion, and also allows you to move your hero to any location on the map while the regular troops are restricted to a limited radius around their barracks. Whereas in Kingdom Rush the gameplay focuses on the bigger picture with the troops pretty much fighting it out for themselves, Incursion 2 lets you actually control the movement of your troops. There is also no punishment for letting your troops die; they simply respawn a short time after.

Incursion 2 from Booblyc has noticeably improved from the original, looking to be much better in its design and more detailed in its gameplay, offering your more control and investment in your hero/troops than ever before. Though the graphics aren't as polished as Kingdom Rush, and many features look to be borrowed from it, the game still stands alone as a hugely entertaining tower defense title. It even has a fast-forward button in case you get bored with waiting for the action to unfold in real time.