Free Rider 2

Free Rider 2 is a great little game where you guide your character through levels on his bike some of which you may have created yourself with the available editor. It's a superb platform flash game that is interactive plus a great improvement on the first chapter.

The creative element to Free Rider 2 is superb. You can draw lines, curves, unique scenery plus there is a tool to edit your work, save it plus add power ups making for a great experience in terms of creativity. You also can share your work plus that of others online giving you so many options in terms of game play. Once you are used to the controls it is plain sailing really while as you become accustomed to the gravity pull moving along will be simple. If you do fall off or crash your bike just get up, reset and start again.

New vehicles have been introduced in this edition making it more interesting such as a unicycle, a wagon, a balloon, a helicopter plus a strange little cube shaped thing that is indestructible. All the vehicles have their own unique attributes making each experience different. You can also fine tune the gravity field in this edition, move things in slow motion which is really good, use bombs or gain added boosts.

The mainstay of the game I think is being able to create and draw your own tracks and locations making it a very rewarding experience that you will want to revisit time and time again. Most of these type of free online games give the player a few minutes of game time fun but not Free Rider 2 you will have a good deal of fun playing for a good deal of time. Newcomers can always load up some user created tracks as a starter so they can get a real feel for how to create properly.

User generated tracks vary in quality significantly ranging from excellent and full of clever detail to poor tracks that are not very good at all. It is advisable to save the codes of the tracks you have enjoyed playing so that you can revisit them as and when you like. Tracks that you share vary in quality too it all depends on the imagination put into creating them plus the level of patience and talent.

I enjoyed playing Free Rider 2. It has a unique combination of qualities making it different to other games in this genre. The game has depth for one of this field that fans will like plus the love of creativity is the key. I recommend players give it go, I did and I was pleasantly surprised.