Chaos Faction

Beating Up Foes is Fun in Chaos Faction One

Not to be misleading with the title, but since Chaos Faction already has a sequel, we put in the “one” so that you folks know which iteration of the game we are referring to. Now that we have put that out of the way, let us get into the core of it: Chaos Faction is a fun game. Sure, the graphics do feel quite rudimentary at times, the mechanics are simple, and the overall gameplay is not all that deep –even by the already shallow beat-em-up genren standards. But despite all these considerations, CF still manages to be pretty addictive in its’ own way, and we will explain why.

Understanding the Game 

Chaos Faction is a simple beat-em-up, 2D platform fighter that puts players in control of a player avatar. The main goal of each stage is to beat up all your opponents (sometimes just one, and other times, more than one –you get the picture). Each of the stages is themed and you gain access to a variety of power ups for each one you finish.

At first glance, it sounds as if there is a Rockman/Megaman thing going on: choosing a proper order of stages in order to gain useful powerups that would be effective in certain stages: yes and no. If you are lucky, you can use the new items you gain for an upper hand against the stage enemies. But the fact is that you will not be able to call upon new power-ups at will, and depending on how the battle goes, your opponent is just as likely to acquire the power-up as you are (since they are randomly dropped into the stage during battles –as opposed to something you can intentionally summon).

The name of the game is adaptability –being able to move around fast enough to get the best attacking position, acquiring new power-up crates, and of course, being able to deal with whatever power-ups or weapons your enemies may acquire. Once players get used to the idea of how that works, the faster they will be able to climb up the game’s learning curve. 

Not for Beginners

If you are new to fighting games, this is not the game to start with. New players will find the pace pretty fast and at times, unforgiving. Unless you have a natural knack for platform melee or have had plenty of gaming experience under your belt, this game will for the most part, feel unfair.

Once you do get used to the hang of the controls, the range and direction of punches and kicks, and most importantly, the various attack ranges and effects of the various random weapons that appear, then you will be ready to deal dish out some serious damage of your own. But for anyone starting out, we highly advice playing the game for a while just for learning the controls and adapting to the response times of moves, doing so will be a big help later on.

Flash Style Gaming

Chaos Faction is a flash game through and through –from the artwork, to the music, to the gameplay itself. It is rough, it is loud, and it is done with the sheer idea of providing players with entertainment. Some of the content are downright cheesey –like the way the user interface is designed (starting out with the whole nuke-mushroom-explosion background on the title screen). But this also means that the game does not take itself too seriously. The battles are stereotypical, but some play clever homages to various pop culture icons –particularly those that most gamers are most likely to recognize.

Stepping up the game are a few interesting features that we found quite interesting. There are plenty of instantly available resources for the game easily accessible from the main menu –which is pretty useful for those who want to improve their combat skills. The level editor also adds plenty of replay value –allowing you to do more than just getting into combat but also stretching your imagination and creativity even just a little bit.

Getting to the Sequel

Once you do finish up with all the stages and have tried out the stage editor to your heart’s content, it is only natural to move on to the sequel, Chaos Faction 2. This sequel features improved graphics, and a slightly more responsive control system. The gameplay is overall faster and smoother, thanks to the upgraded gameplay system. Everything good in the original gets ported over, while most of the sluggishness is taken down a notch (but still not quite removed entirely). All that said, there is even more potential in a third game. So far, there has been definite release date given for another addition to the CF series, but considering the trajectory set by the first game and its’ sequel, the next one is sure to be something worth looking forward to.